Microsoft FY2012 Planning at Aon Center Chicago

I attended a Microsoft FY2012 planning meeting at the AON Center in Chicago this week.   Planning revolved around the beginning of the fiscal calendar starting June 1st.    This years sees another extensive reorganization of Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism corps known as DPE.   The pivot of the change centers around the focus on brands that develop software commercial or as consumer offerings/services.   The North American teams will still retain an existing focus on Tools and audience breadth developer evangelism.    The innovation arm will now be focused on commercial and consumer ISVs breaking those respective ecosystems into various tiers of account responsibilities ranging from large to start-up ISVs.
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Cloud Considerations – Speed of Innovation

Investments in cloud computing continue to accelerate as vendors add capabilities to differentiate themselves.   Offerings in the forms of Software as a Service (SAAS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Private Cloud appliances are rapidly entering the market.   My innovation team has been working with enterprise customers for over four years creating some of the initial architectures and hybrid solutions blending legacy and cloud services.   We are seeing solution development times rapidly decreasing.   Major enterprises are spinning up new business models and bringing them to market in record time.   Though this, we are seeing higher ROI and lower TCO.   Technical departments are discovering that the skill sets of their personnel rapidly adapt to the new development architectures and really their depth of experience in enterprise security, integration, and orchestration of complex business processes fall into familiar patterns, but now accelerated by building blocks being provided as services.   The ability for IT to adapt to the cloud was never really in question and is proving to be a shift they are readily capable of making.

What is of higher interest is the effect it is having on the business and creation of new business models.  As speed to market increases, so does the speed of competition.   The scale, reach, and cost of cloud computing is open new doors for business to experiment in new offerings and reach new markets.   We are seeing some bold moves in each vertical where new offerings and channels to consumers are creating a pattern of disruptive innovation that is game changing to the current status quo of leadership in a given market.   Business are having to rapidly consider the effects that the competitors have having in emerging markets.

Some areas of consideration that many of projects are encountering:

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Kellogg School of Management – Integrated Marketing

I completed a certification course of integrated marketing at the Kellogg School of Management.   I attend the course with some 50 Microsoft marketers that spanned a wide variety of topics and strategies.  The course is taught by the schools PhD marketing professors: Sawhney, Hennessy, Chernev, Walker.  The course is a week long deep dive in excessive of 40 hours of classroom and workshops with 4 exams required for certification.  Each day we formed work groups to take on case studies design marketing strategies around diverse criteria and market challenges.   The case studies were from a diverse set of verticals and study real companies track records in approaches and results.   Foundational topics where studied with an emphasis of how current trends have evolved traditional approaches and how all aspects of marketing and analytics are being integrated into holistic campaigns.

Curriculum included:

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Microsoft Acquires Skype

Microsoft (MSFT) has agreed to buy the voice-over-Internet company Skype for $8.5 billion, including the assumption of debt.  Skype will become a new business unit within Microsoft, to be run by current Skype CEO Tony Bates. He will report directly to Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer.

Skype is a powerful consumer brand with more than 170 million connected users, synonymous in many places around the world with voice and video communications.  This is a significant acquisition for Microsoft to bolster its communication offerings to compete with Google Voice and Apple Facetime.

Steve Ballmer announced:

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The Speed of Social Media – Breaking News

Social media has created a multitude of new channels and transformed the level of individual access to broad distribution capabilities that traditionally has been controlled by media giants.  This game changing trend serves both the individual and corporations equally as a new variable in the dissemination of information and marketing messaging.   Some clear examples of the speed social media has occurred in the past months with the news of Japan’s disaster and death of Osama bin Laden.

Even before the President cloud address the world on a surprise news conference last Sunday, the the news was already breaking on social media channels.   The first part of the story began to break, not from journalists or officials, but from residents from Abbottabad as the operation began.   Sohaib Athar was on of the first to mention on Twitter that unidentified helicopters where flying over his home in Abbottabad.  Twitter confirms that by 2am on May 1st, users were tweeting at a rate of 3400+ tweets per second on the topic.  Social networking ranked third, at in a Washington Post poll, behind network news and cable news, of people 18 – 34 years old that learned about the story through social media vs. broadcast channels.  Even this example of speed and volume of communication is modest in comparison to the 7,000 tweets per second at the height of the tsunami and following earth quakes in Japan.

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Microsoft and RIM announce new partnership

Microsoft and RIM ( Research In Motion ) announce a collaborative partnership in the mobile market.   At the RIM conference Steve Ballmer and Mike Lazarides announced that Microsoft would invest “uniquely” in RIM services.   While RIM would make the Bing the “preferred search provider” in the BlackBerry Web browser and will get prominent display in BlackBerry App World. Bing will also be the default search and map application on new BlackBerry devices presented to carriers, though they can still override it if they have signed a deal with Google.



What is SINOCES?

I attend CES in Las Vegas in January 2011 and interacted with a wide number of vendors from great Asia.  With over 140,000 in attendance it was an amazing show to experience cutting edge innovation and business development conversations.    Now the opportunity to attend SINOCES is right around the corner.

From their site:

SINOCES, the China International Consumer Electronics Show, is a collaboration between the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® producer of the International CES® and the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government.  An anticipated 80,000 CE professionals from China and around the globe are expected to attend SINOCES.

Exhibitors showcase the latest CE products across a wide spectrum of product categories including:

  • Automobile Electronics
    • Mobile Communication Equipment
    • Digital Content
    • Mobile Storage Devices
    • Digital Entertainment Products
    • Portable Office Equipment
    • Home Appliances
    • Security and Protection Products
    • Home A/V Products
    • Software Applications and Solutions
    • Home Network

There is no cost to attend SINOCES, simply register here.